Monday, April 27, 2015

I've been thinking a lot about the upcoming Mother's day lately.

I think about the babies that should be in my arms, but never will be because of reasons beyond my understanding.

I think about the child that is in my arms, but was never really meant to be. The little boy who was born to a mother who would never love or care for him because of poverty and injustice and disease.

And I think about the little boy who was born to me. Things with him are just the way they were meant to be. Or so I think.

All these realities swirl around in my head and my heart, leaving me conflicted about this holiday we celebrate. Grateful, but frustrated and heartbroken all at the same time.

Last year I encountered women who were daily forced to decide whether their children most needed the love of a family or food in the tummies- because in Congo those things are sometimes mutually exclusive. Orphanages may be the best possible option for some kids in the midst of tragedy, but the reality is that there should be better options. And that's what we're trying to do at Reeds of Hope... give mothers access to better options.

We're partnering with our Congolese friends Paul and Micheline to help lift mothers out of poverty so that they can love and feed their children. So they can parent and educate them. So they don't have to make impossible decisions just to keep their kids alive.

Paul & Micheline will use our scholarship fund to invite vulnerable mothers into their sewing training program. For three months these women will learn a skill and prepare to launch a small business. At the end of the training, our hope is that these women will be able to provide a sustainable income and support their families.

If you'd like to learn more about how to support these mothers, please visit www.reedsofhope.or/mothers

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