It all started with me and him. Waiting in lines at Disneyland. Reading Harry Potter when we should've been studying for finals. Trekking across Honduras. Frequenting mystical prayer compline services in LA. Road trips with college buddies. We were "just friends." 

A wedding, years of zig-zagging across the country, med school, residency, a slew of middle school teacher stories, and two kids later, this is our first photo as a family of four. 
This image is still surreal. Miraculous, really. 

I write about the experiences that have shaped me over the years- education, inequality, family, pregnancy, miscarriage, and adoption. I spent several months living in Congo with my oldest son and was impacted greatly by the experience. Even years later, I am still processing all I witnessed. I work with an organization called Reeds of Hope to support orphans and birth mothers in Congo. 

photo cred to the amazingly talented Gus Dizon

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